Marshall Finally Speaks

So after months of hinting that something big was in the wind, Josh Marshall & friends have broken their story. The thesis?

The DoD-Ghorbanifar meetings suggest the possibility that a rogue faction at the Pentagon was trying to work outside normal US foreign policy channels to advance a “regime change” agenda not approved by the president’s foreign policy principals or even the president himself.

I need to go dig into my library to confirm this (and it’s late Saturday night so I’m not going to do it now) but I have a recollection that Ghorbanifar did in fact have some sort of Israeli connection as well as being a player in Iran-Contra way back when. If I’m remembering correctly, then it’s quite possible that Mossad is involved in this whole DOD/intelligence passing mess and boy is that not good for the Jews.

All that said, this is not the “bombshell that’s going to rock Washington” that Marshall was promising, unless there’s more yet to come. Bummer.

Skip this if you don’t like snarky satire

I thought it was hilarious, per Atrios:

I swear that I witnessed George W. Bush having carnal relations with a swine. I am willing to sign an affadavit stating so.

I can now appear in commercials stating. “I am a pig farmer. While at a campaign stop in Iowa. George Bush attacked one of my sows. George Bush is a pigfucker. I know, because I was there.”

Soon I will appear on the cable news shows. The Washington Post will dutifully report on my claims, because, it will not judge my credibility. I will be appointed to be a federal judge by the Kerry administration. My career path is set. Bring it on.

Good News Bad News

2 Russian airplanes go boom and it’s barely a blip in the US press. Why? Because it’s internal terrorism.

A top Russian official acknowledged Thursday what many citizens already suspected — that terrorism was the most likely cause of two jetliners crashing minutes apart, a feeling reflected in a newspaper headline warning that “Russia now has a Sept. 11.”

A day later, a Web site known for militant Muslim comment published a claim of responsibility for Wednesday’s twin plane crashes, connecting the action to Russia’s fight against separatists in Chechnya.

OTOH, I suppose the lack of press is good in that at least it won’t inflame the paranoid among us even more.

Abu Ghraib Report

Yet another report on Abu Ghraib is out but this one at least starts to point the finger in the right direction.

What began several months ago with the emergence of shocking photographs showing a handful of U.S. troops abusing detainees in Iraq has led this week to a broad indictment of U.S. military leadership and acknowledgement in two official reports that mistreatment of prisoners was more widespread than previously disclosed.

The reports have served to undercut earlier portrayals of the abuse as largely the result of criminal misconduct by a small group of individuals. As recently as last month, an assessment by the Army’s inspector general concluded the incidents could not be ascribed to systemic problems, describing them as “aberrations.”

But the findings yesterday of another Army investigation offered a more critical appraisal of what led to the mistreatment at Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad. It implicated 27 military intelligence soldiers in abuse, providing some support for assertions by some of the seven military guards previously charged that they were not acting alone. Counting other intelligence, medical and civilian contract personnel cited for failing to report the abuse, and three more military police officers alleged to have engaged in abuse, the report appeared to raise to nearly 50 the number of people who may face charges or disciplinary action for misconduct at Abu Ghraib.

The people at the top of the foodchain, of course, are probably never going to have to pay for what happened. We’ll be lucky if anyone over the rank of Colonel feels the heat.