The Day Before: Going Out On a Limb

my prediction

Here’s my call for Tuesday (hopefully I will not jinx anything!). Obama 286, McCain 252.

I don’t think we’ll take 60 in the Senate. My call: 57 seats.

And CA Prop 8? Too close to call.

Finally, just for fun, this slightly cheesy video:

If you have not voted early, do your duty tomorrow. I’ll be there when the polls open at 7.

7 thoughts on “The Day Before: Going Out On a Limb”

  1. I haven’t voted yet and the polls have been open 2 hours.

    Waiting for my wife to get up so we can make just the one trip.

  2. Heaviest turn out I’ve seen here yet.

    ‘Vote Early, Vote Often’ – Richard J Daley – Mayor of Chicago for 20 years. Father to the current one.

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