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Friday Cat Blogging: Happy Birthday Edition

No joke, to the best of our knowledge Gimi was born at the SF SPCA one year ago today.

Gimi has grown into a large and affectionate cat whose personality is still quite kittenish. His latest obsession is the trash can in our office, which he loves to climb into, paw at, and otherwise scour for bits of paper he can pull out and play with.

UPDATE: Fixed - Gimi's photo was not appearing in all browsers.


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Gimi's pic is not showing...


That's such a cute shot!

Happy b-day to Gimi! April 1 is also my black cat Huey's designated birthday, although he's three now.




Happy Birthday, Gimi! Have at that trash can and celebrate. You're a credit to your species!...Cheers from one human and four spoiled felines.


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