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Friday Cat Blogging: More Cute Kitten Goodness!

As promised, more kitten photos. Gimi has been a big help in socializing the shyer of our two fosters, Marcy. She purrs like crazy every time she lays eyes on him. We've been using this to help her get more comfortable with being around humans. So here the two of the are together in a socializing session:


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Hm, I was promised "top-notch kitten blogging" by Kevin Drum... and I think this is it. Cute cats!


Two things I learned from Roger Tabor's book on cat behavior: The critical window for socializing kittens is from age 2 weeks to age 7 weeks. If, during that 5-week period, 3-4 different people play with the kittens for 45 minutes a day, with the kitten's mum present, the kittens will be fully socialized to humans and have confidence, be outgoing, etc., as they grown into cats. After 7 weeks of age, the critical window is passed.

Second: if the kittens can remain with their mum and siblings until 14 weeks of age before being put out for adoption, they will be fully trained in good cat deportment.


Every time I use my up or down arrow to scroll up or down this incredibly cute picture, the black cat's eyes appear to blink. Try it.


arfendale -- have you been hitting the catnip?


Arfendale -- if it's not catnip, maybe it's something about your monitor or video card. I don't see it.

can my new kitten play too? she's still trying to find where hre siblings all ran off to.


Thanks for the cat blogging! I relocated to CA a few months ago leaving my wife with our three cats...
am now considering fostering myself so I can get my feline fix.



That is an adorable picture -- the adult looks like my girl. Thanks for sharing.


Oh My goodness.. They are SO adorable. Glad to hear that you are able to still help out the SPCA with as busy as you are. I miss you and I hope all is well


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