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Friday Cat Blogging: Welcome Bear!

There's a new member of our household!

When the time came to send Marcus back to the SPCA, we couldn't bring ourselves to let him go. So this week we went through the adoption process, got him neutered, and now he's ALL OURS.

He's still quite scared of strangers, although hopefully that will change over time, but he follows us around, jumps on any available lap, purrs and plays happily, and is generally a sweet, loving cat. His permanant name is Bear, and we couldn't be happier that he'll be spending the rest of his life with us.

As you might expect, since he's been here a month already, Tommy and Gimi aren't complaining at all.


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Comments (4)

Welcome, Bear!

Please give some e-scritches to Mabel if/when you see her in the shelter (and to all the shelter kitties). Hope she too will be adopted soon.

Agnes, cataholic (and Friday Ark cat-voyeur)

fiat lux:

I checked with the SPCA -- Mabel was adopted on 9/27. Yay!


Thank you for cat-blogging, Marcus is a beautiful cat. Is the tabby he's lying next to his surrogate mother?



Actually, that would be his surrogate brother, Tommy. Gimi, the big, fat black kitty with white toes, took it upon himself to be the mommy of all of the foster kitties that we've had during the past 6 months.


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