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This is F***ing Crazy

In the "how can this be serious??!?!?" department:

New York has no national monuments or icons, according to the Department of Homeland Security form obtained by ABC News. (Click here for the actual document.) That was a key factor used to determine that New York City should have its anti-terror funds slashed by 40 percent--from $207.5 million in 2005 to $124.4 million in 2006.

The formula did not consider as landmarks or icons: The Empire State Building, The United Nations, The Statue of Liberty and others found on several terror target hit lists. It also left off notable landmarks, such as the New York Public Library, Times Square, City Hall and at least three of the nation's most renowned museums: The Guggenheim, The Metropolitan and The Museum of Natural History.

What kind of dreamworld are those people at DHS living in?

UPDATE: More here.


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We have friends who work for DHS. Well, let me be precise. We have friends who work at DHS and get their work done while madly brushing up their resumes and racing as fast as they can for the exit. The place is so dysfunctional, it makes Britney Spears' marriage look like "Father Knows Best".


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