Kitten season is coming!

I went to do a shift at the SF SPCA yesterday for the first time in several months. It was good to be back.

I spent some of the time visiting two mama cats with their litters – one had 4 kittens, the other, 5. A reminder that kitten season is about to begin. One of the mama cats was small and visibly undernourished. She was a little skittish when I first came to her cage but after a few hisses she relaxed and started to enjoy herself. Eventually she climbed onto my lap and lay there purring while a couple of her more adventurous (or more hungry) kittens followed her.

Sometimes the mama cat gets overlooked when you visit & socialize kittens, but she needs love and attention as much as the kittens do. Moreso in some ways, because she’s doing all the work. (Perhaps I’m anthropomorphizing here.) At any rate, I came very close to adopting one particularly sweet mama cat I worked with last year. Someone else got her first, and considering we already have 3 cats it’s probably for the best.

The kittens, of course, generally find homes quickly.

I’m going to a retail job fair today. I really can’t get up much enthusiasm for it, but I feel that I ought to be there, so I’m going. I still can’t decide if I’m fed up with retail in general, or just being overworked in specific. Until I make up my mind or a better alternative comes along, I might as well keep looking for a new retail gig.

I’m more enthusiastic about the prospect of taking a week to go back east and hang out with my parents. I feel a bit guilty about taking off and leaving my husband here, but he doesn’t seem to mind (lucky me!).