Chilling Speech

I have never liked Howard Stern. I thought his show was full of sexist crap and fart jokes, and so I chose not to listen to him. That doesn’t mean I think he should be legislated off the air though.

Well, shame on me for not doing anything about it, but it might actually happen with the new indecency legislation that has now passed the House and Senate. Up to $3 million in fines a day can be levied if the FCC decides something said on the air is “indecent”.

How did the Senate pass it? They attached it to a defense appropriations bill so that if you voted against it, you could be smeared as ‘not supporting the troops’. Pretty nasty. Kudos to Sen. John Breaux, D-LA for having the balls to be the one vote against it. (And once the President signs this into law, you won’t be able to say “having the balls” on the air anymore). Where was John Kerry?

Tip of the hat to Buzz Machine for the link.