One Step Too Far

Ugh. I know the CA budget is in need of help but this is just too much for me:

Schwarzenegger Wants Stray Animals Killed In 72 Hours

Basically, he wants to revert back to an older standard where shelters would be allowed to kill dogs and cats after holding them for 72 hours, regardless of whether the shelters are open to the public during those three days. The 72-hour rule was changed to a 6-day hold in 1998 under a law called the Hayden Act.

Another thing that bothers me is that one of the changes Schwarzenegger is asking for allows shelters to not check for microchipping on a dog or cat before destroying it. Scanning for a microchip takes literally 15 seconds to do and if there’s an active chip then the animal’s owner can be immediately identified. There is no reason I can think of other than idiocy why this should not be done.

And how much is the state going to save by all this animal killing? $14 million dollars.

“Terminator” indeed.