Who is This Orrin Judd Person and Why Does He Hate Me?

Currently making its way around the blogosphere:

Jews too were justifiably, though unnecessarily, persecuted for their beliefs and inability to conform to social norms. The great injustice was the persecution of the conversos in Spain, who were sincere converts to Christianity.

In other words, it’s OK to perescute Jews because, silly people, they won’t give up their beliefs and traditions. The only thing that might possibly have been inappropriate in terms of what the Jews got was the unpleasantness in Spain in the late 1400s, when Spanish Jews were forced on pain of death or expulsion to convert to Catholicism and then some of the converts were persecuted.

I’d like to come up with some witty but still crushing piece of repartee that simultaneously mocks and totally refutes “Brother” Judd’s assertion, but his delusional self-importance is overwhelming. I’m ashamed that this … person … is a part of my species.

I’m also not going to link to the originating site, because the last thing he deserves is more web traffic, even the pathetic amount that this site might drive his way. Click through via Atrios or Digby if you absolutely must read the rest.