Blast From the Past

A lot of things from our younger days can be disappointing when you revisit them as an adult. I used to love Yodels cakes (aka HoHos, if you’re not in the Northeast), for example — the cake, the filling, the crunch of the chocolate coating as you bit into it — but they taste like crap to me today. At any rate, I’m here to report that there’s at least one thing that I still love as much today as I did when I was 15:

Swedish Fish

Oh how I love them. (Except maybe the green ones. I eat them first because I like them the least. )

I love Swedish Fish so much that I rarely buy them, because I know all too well that I’ll eat the whole damn bag in one sitting unless I exert a LOT of willpower.

I had some today. I’m trying to be good and not gobble the entire bag of them, but it is not easy.