The Older I Get, The Scarier This Is

I can take being rejected for a job because I don’t have the necessary skills, or because someone else was a closer match to the skillset in question. That’s business. But this is another matter altogether:

A state appeals court reinstated a fired manager’s age-discrimination suit against Google Inc. on Thursday, saying a jury should hear his evidence that a supervisor told him that his ideas were “too old to matter” and that the giant search engine company gave its older employees lower ratings and lesser bonuses.


As part of the lawsuit, Reid presented a statistician’s study of employees and managers in his department at Google that found older employees consistently received lower evaluations than their younger colleagues, and older managers got bonuses that were 29 percent less than those awarded to managers who were 10 years younger.

Age discrimination is not new to Silicon Valley, but you’d think that as the industry matures we’d see less of it. Not yet, it seems.

One thought on “The Older I Get, The Scarier This Is”

  1. We’re going to see more of this as time goes on. It’s really sad because employees in their 40s and 50s have a lot of seasoning that younger people lack. It’s all about youth these days … not to mention that they often work for less than experienced employees.

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