The Odometer Rolls Over

Another year, another birthday. It’s nice to celebrate one on a weekend for a change. We slept in, then made our way up to the farmer’s market at the San Francisco Ferry Building and wandered the stalls in search of a few future dinner ingredients.

The Saturn also hit a milestone today as we drove back home — 90,000 miles. Unfortunately, gas prices are way over $3.50 a gallon at all but the cheapest off-brand gas stations. *sigh* With my long commute, this is Not Good At All. If, as predicted, gas goes over $4 a gallon this summer, I’m going to be spending about $200 a month just to drive to work. That sucks.

On a happier note, we finally got a Mac in the house. I picked up an old but serviceable Apple G4 for peanuts, and Scott’s been having fun tearing it apart and learning his way around OS X.

Cats Love Macs

Gimi likes the Mac too. Or at least the monitor!

3 thoughts on “The Odometer Rolls Over”

  1. Rachel

    I pay $160/month in tolls on the GW Bridge, although gas in Jersey is still under$3/gal.

    The 60% increase in the bridge toll is to encourage mass transit use, which is fine, but there is no mass transit in my country. We do get taxed for it however and they keep promising that those taxes will get used, maybe about 2015.

    OK I lie, there is mass transit, provided I want to drive 10 miles to a ferry, cross the Hudson to a train and then take 2 subways. And in winter the ferry is prone to being iced in and not running.

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