Women's Work

Some things really do not change.

The most recent figures from the University of Wisconsin’s National Survey of Families and Households show that the average wife does 31 hours of housework a week while the average husband does 14 — a ratio of slightly more than two to one. If you break out couples in which wives stay home and husbands are the sole earners, the number of hours goes up for women, to 38 hours of housework a week, and down a bit for men, to 12, a ratio of more than three to one. That makes sense, because the couple have defined home as one partner’s work.

But then break out the couples in which both husband and wife have full-time paying jobs. There, the wife does 28 hours of housework and the husband, 16. Just shy of two to one, which makes no sense at all.

The lopsided ratio holds true however you construct and deconstruct a family. “Working class, middle class, upper class, it stays at two to one,” says Sampson Lee Blair, an associate professor of sociology at the University at Buffalo who studies the division of labor in families.


One thought on “Women's Work”

  1. Women should unionize. Go on strike! Power to the women people! Fight the power! Stick it to the man! Women unite! Blistered Sisters Join us!

    What do we want? HOUSEWORK!
    When do we want it? NOW!

    The million mom march!
    Hell not, we won’t mop!

    That’s what they did in Amazonia. You think Wonder Woman or Xena would do the dishes? Hell no.

    Seriously though, some husbands do alot of housework. I have asked them to stop and they refuse. 🙁

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