Yankee Stadium: 1923 – 2008

I’m a Mets fan, only rooting for the Yankees once the Mets have been knocked out of the running for the playoffs, but this is a bit of a bummer nonetheless:

What began with a Babe Ruth home run on an April afternoon in 1923 ended Sunday with Mariano Rivera retiring Brian Roberts on a grounder to first baseman Cody Ransom, completing a 7-3 victory over Baltimore on a warm September night ….. Appropriately enough, the final Yankees player to bat was Derek Jeter.

Farewell, Yankee Stadium. I went there a few times over the years; the first time on a field trip with my Hebrew school class to see the then brand-new team called the Blue Jays play, the last time a couple of years after college to keep my friend Shari company as she (brave girl) made the trek to the Brronx to root for the Red Sox.

Yes, I know, there’s going to be a shiny new Yankee Stadium and the Yankee tradition will continue, but there’s something not quite right about tearing down a ballpark that has been home to so much baseball history.

2 thoughts on “Yankee Stadium: 1923 – 2008”

  1. Gosh, Rachel, I — the inveterate Red Sox fan — have been to Yankee Stadium much more recently than you! My last pilgrimage there was in 2003, I think, for a post-season game with a friend (a Yankees fan) who flew up from Miami for the occasion. The Sox lost, despite my heartfelt cheering, but at least my friend who had secured the tickets in the first place was happy. Guess our next visit to a ballpark will have to be to Shea!

  2. I’ve seen 4 games at Yankee Stadium, the 4 games of the 1977 World Series. I was working for the company broadcasting the Series that year and also did the 3 games a Dodger Stadium. 30+ years later it still is the 2nd largest single paycheck of my life, surpassed only by the check that included the New Orleans convention of 1988.

    Of course I got paid time and a half for overtime back then.

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