Seeking Balance

I was sitting out on the terrace this morning, enjoying some coffee and thinking about photography and lessons learned.

While walking through downtown Chicago this past spring, I was struck by the contrast of a green staircase against the red brick of the building it was attached to, so I shot it. Later, to my great dismay, I looked at the shot and for the first time noticed the large shadows on the building spoiling the effect I was going for. How I managed to not see those shadows, I don’t know — but I was so intent on the color contrast that I completely missed them.

Color Contrast

A series of digital manipulations later, I have a shot that’s more or less what I was going for (although still not perfect). I also got a valuable reminder of the fact that you don’t get the best results if you focus on the parts, and not the whole.

Color Contrast #2

This (rather obviously) applies in plenty of other areas in life, not just photography.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Balance”

  1. This is a very interesting shot and it is also interesting to see how you dealt with the shadows. That external staircase sort of occupies two aspects at the same time.

  2. You did a great job with the photo. Shadows are my most frequent photography error. I just don’t see them until I look at the picture. There must be some metaphor there.

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