For Your Holiday Listening Pleasure: TechnoGirlTalk

This week sees the launch of a new technology website & podcast, run by my old college classmate Sunshine Mugrabi: TechnoGirlTalk.

Yours truly was one of the panelists on the initial podcast and it’s a doozy — we dive into the James Chartrand controversy, as well as dissect a controversial Droid vs iPhone ad and discuss what it’s like to be a woman in technology.

Recording the episode was a ton of fun and I hope you’ll take advantage of the slow holiday season to download it and listen.

One thought on “For Your Holiday Listening Pleasure: TechnoGirlTalk”

  1. Not sure why but I just noticed this post. Thanks Rachel for calling attention to the podcast. You were a fantastic guest. Hope to have you on again soon. We’ve had nearly 150 downloads so far, and lots of very positive feedback. The controversy over James Chartrand continues … We’ll be back up post-holiday starting this week! Thanks again for being a guinea pig on the maiden voyage podcast. You three really rocked the house.

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