Living in the land of virtual reality

Ah, California, land of the recall. It’s still unreal to me that only a year after we elected a governor we’re going to choose whether or not to un-elect him. Not that Grey Davis is the world’s greatest governor, but he IS the duly elected man for the job and this recall is setting a terrible precedent.

Look at the small Sonoma town of Rohnert Park It seems that the City Council there decided to work with an Indian tribe in regards to their plan to build a new casino just outside the town limits. Rohnert Park residents who don’t want to live near a casino have now launched a drive to recall the entire City Council. I suspect this is only the first in a long line of recall efforts.

First Post

Here goes … into the blog beyond….

Four years ago this weekend, my husband and I took a last minute trip down to Washington DC, to see some sights and visit a college buddy of mine. We knew we were about to move to San Francisco and figured that it would be our last chance to spend some time in DC for a while. It was.

I found myself thinking about that trip quite a bit over this Labor Day weekend. So much has happened, so many things have changed. I didn’t even think we’d still be living in California by now. I certainly didn’t expect to have changed careers again. You can thank the dot-com implosion for both of those.

What next? Who knows. But I think that I’d like to blog the journey.