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Places to Not Live While Female

on July 25, 2006

Peru. Here’s why:

More than half of all Peruvian women over the age of 15 say they have suffered sexual or physical violence by men during their lifetime — one of the world’s highest rates.


Some 51 percent of women in Lima and 69 percent of women in the southern Andean city of Cuzco said they have been victims of sexual or physical violence, [a study by Amnesty International and Peruvian organization Flora Tristan]added.

Indeed, the level of violence surges dramatically in Peru’s impoverished rural areas.

In the southern Huancavelica province where 90 percent of the population lives in extreme poverty, the rate of sexual and physical violence against women is ranked as one of the world’s worst in a recent study by the World Health Organization.

The good news is that Peru’s President-elect Alan Garcia has made it one of his stated goals to try to combat this pervasive violence against women, but it remains to be seen exactly what that will entail and whether it will actually help matters.

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