Friday Kitten Blogging

Too cute!

Gimli can be a total nutball, attacking anything that moves, especially loving to ambush your feet as you walk by him. He can also be very cuddly, too – the last two nights I’ve woken up to find him playing with my hair, then cuddling up against my head and going to sleep. I hope he doesn’t push me off my pillow entirely when he’s full-sized.

Friday Kitten Blogging

In honor of Gimli’s one-month anniversary at our home, here’s a new photo of him:

Gimli will be six months old in a couple of days. He doesn’t quite have kitten proportions to his body anymore, but he’s not cat-sized yet. His paws and tail are disproportionately large for his body, though, so we expect he has a bunch of growing yet to do.

What a wonderful idea!

I wish this had been available when I was in college! Sounds like a fantastic idea. Pet-friendly dorm debuts at Missouri college.

Some students are definitely not ready for the responsibility of pet ownership, but for those who are, it’s a great way to give some stability and emotional support in what can be a emotionally trying time of life.

I knew one guy who had a ferret in his dorm room and another who had a rabbit for a while, but like most colleges Vassar did not allow pets in campus facilities. My last year in college I lived in a college-owned townhouse just off campus that did not allow pets either but one roommate and I each had a cat anyway. (She’s old and cranky now but is sleeping on my desk as I type this).

Weekend Kitten Blogging!

Gimli has settled in very well indeed. Tasha doesn’t mind him, grumpy old lady Tina only hisses at him when he gets in her face. Tommy stopped hissing at him after about two days and now they play and groom each other a lot. Here’s a sample:

He’s taken to stealing the dish and hand towels off their racks and dragging them all over the house, which is pretty funny to watch. I have some pix of that too but need to get them developed.

Happy Labor Day weekend to all!

New Addition to the Family

We’re please to announce that a new kitten has come to join the household – meet our new baby GIMLI:

As a volunteer, you see literally hundreds of kittens at the SPCA during kitten season. Some stick in your heart more than others, and for whatever reason Gimli caught at mine. After seeing him go without a home for 2+ months, Scott and I decided ours was the right home for him. We brought him home today.

Gimli is an active, high-energy kitty, currently about 5 months old. He was very much in need of space to run around and play in, and being locked up with so little play room was taking a toll on him. He also had a really nasty cold for several weeks which didn’t help his adoption chances. Despite it all, though, he purrs like a jackhammer the minute anyone picks him up. I had thought that when the time came for a new kitten we’d probably get a tortie, but nope! Our boy is almost entirely black except for a patch of white on his belly and the tips of his paws.

Gimli (yes, named after the Dwarf in Lord of the Rings) was the name he was assigned at the shelter. After calling him that for 2 months, I can’t think of him as anything other than Gimli, so we’re going to keep it. It might not have been the name we would have chosen but it’s good enough.

The resident kitties are still trying to decide what to make of the newcomer. More pix are posted in the Gallery.

More to follow as he settles in, I’m sure.

Followup on Hayden Act

After a massive public outcry, Governer Schwarzenegger quickly backtracked on his plan to overturn the revised animal welfare code (aka the Hayden Act). $14 million back in the budget, hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats saved.

I’ll give this to the Governator, unlike some other Republicans in high office, he knows when to admit he made a mistake.