This Made Me Laugh

In the “OMG I can’t believe sane people actually do this’ zone:

A note to China’s half-billion men: no matter how tightly you shut your eyes and wish and wish and want to believe, eating schlong will not help you get boners.

What an amazing world we live in.

Belated Hat Tip: Rangelife.

Holiday Weekend Amusement for Savoyards

I’ve been saving this link for an appropriate time, and the holiday weekend seems as good as any. Besides, I’m feeling a little nostalgic for my long-ago days on the stage.

The Gilbert & Sullivan Quiz

Actually it is multiple quizzes, although you don’t have to take all of them. If you’re a little unsure as to whether you ought to click through the link, here’s a pre-quiz:

1) Have you seen “Topsy Turvy”?
2) Do you know who ‘The Slave of Duty’ was?
3) Do you know what a ‘Savoyard’ is?

If you answered no to all three, don’t bother clicking through. If you answered no to one or two, you might try clicking through for the heck of it. If you rolled your eyes at how insanely easy my questions were, you’ve probably clicked through to the quiz already, but if you haven’t, go, have fun.


At the USF business school, faculty members have rectangular windows built into their doors; I assume it’s to make the closed office doors less intimidating, but it could just be a fancy of the architect’s. At any rate, many professors put paper over the windows to maintain their privacy. Thanks to this little gem of a one-act play, next time on campus I’ll be looking at the papered-over windows in a different light.

One of the least attractive members of the faculty has both a papered-over door AND a couch in his office…. ugh. I’m going to think about something else for a while.

Smile of the Day

I didn’t see a single cicada while in NY/CT this past several days, but this is funny as heck anyway (thanks for the link, Craig!). Here’s a sample:

Do Cicadas make that loud buzzing sound to attract a mate? No, that is a common myth. Our research indicates that sound is actually a battle cry that roughly translates as Kill the Humans. When you hear that sound, take cover! It means the killing spree is about to begin.

Courtesy of Cicadaville. Now go read the rest and enjoy.