I Have No Green Thumb

I haven’t anything resembling a green thumb. Luckily, the roses on our patio seem to thrive on neglect and are blooming despite my inattention.

On a related note, I’m thinking about getting a monitor or possibly also a Mac Mini for photo editing at home. I love my laptop but a 13″ screen doesn’t do Lightroom justice.

Sunlight & Shadow

shadows & sunlight

It’s (finally) that time of year when we start getting a lot of afternoon light on the terrace. I’m fascinated by the shadows the sun casts on the terrace, & now with the prime lens I’ve been having some fun with depth of focus shots against the patterns the shadows cast.

Maker Faire 2010

Steampunk Still Life

The Bay Area’s Maker Faire gets bigger every year, and despite the hefty crowds, it’s well worth the trip.

I was there today with Scott & some friends and despite being there from open to close, we still didn’t see everything there was to see. You can find everything from robots and tesla coils to musicians and chickens. I saw a DIY butter making station, a human-powered merry-go-round, a bunch of art cars (shades of Burning Man?), the awesome Eepybird.com guys, and WAY more than I could possibly list here.

What’s sticking with me the most was the steampunk stuff. I’ve been aware of steampunk for a while now in a casual way but after checking out several of the substantial steampunk displays at Maker Fair I’m very impressed.

I’ve got some photos from today up here.