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Back To School

Yesterday was my first day of classes at USF. I've spent part of this morning sorting through all the handouts I got yesterday and trying to get a handle on exactly how much time getting all my homework done is going to take.

I'm taking four courses this semester; two "quant" courses (Decision Modeling/Data Analysis and Accounting) and two "soft" courses (Leadership Dynamics and Management Communications). The 'soft' courses will be slightly easier in that I am a little more comfortable writing papers than I am crunching numbers, but either way it's going to be a lot of work.

I've already got a paper due Tuesday and about 8 chapters of preliminary material to read through, and two classes have yet to meet this week. I've committed to working 3 days a week, which leaves me the other 4 to go to my classes and get all my work done. I should be able to manage, but it's going to be pretty exhausting.

One of the things USF pushes hard is diversity and the study group I'm in for my Leadership class is pretty darn diverse. Of the five members, one is fresh off the airplane from India, another is from Thailand, and a third is from the heartland of Indiana. Then there's me, the Jewish gal from NYC, and another girl who has lived in a number of different parts of the US. It should be interesting to see how we all work together.

On the not so bright side, I noticed that one of my professors takes what seemed to me to be gratuitous swipes at evolution/Darwin in his course notes. As much as I like to ignore the fact, I am indeed attending a Jesuit school, and I need to remember that at least some religiosity is to be expected. Hopefully I'll be able to go on ignoring it most of the time.


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