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A Beautiful Sunday

Another weekend day, another early morning shift. I came home around noon to a beautiful surprise -- Spring has snuck into San Francisco when I wasn't looking. It's sunny, there's a hint of warmth in the air, the tang of the sea is noticable, and the fog hasn't set in -- a perfect day. I got off MUNI a few blocks before my stop, it was such nice walking weather, and enjoyed it all. Living all the way out by the beach is often inconvenient, but today is the kind of day that makes it worthwhile.

I showered off the smell of coffee when I got home and sat down to realize that I either need to trim my blogroll or be more consistant about reading it, because the pileup of posts waiting for me on Bloglines is way too much to work through. It makes me feel frustrated; there's so many good bloggers out there, with so much to say, and I'm too tired to keep up with it all, much less try to find something interesting, original, and throughtful to say here on my own blog.

There's a lot of terrible things going on in the world. I know I ought to be saying and/or doing more about some of them. But today, I just want to enjoy the spring air and spend some quality time with Scott and the kitties.


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