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What Next?

Over at Ezra's place today, Nicholas Beaudrot has a reality-based perspective on what should happen next regarding the President. Like it or not, the fact that Clinton was impeached does change the calculus as to whether or not Bush should be.

I think that the Clinton impeachment has raised the bar for what ought to be an impeachable offense. Politically, if the opposition party calls for every President's head, we will have turned what ought to have been a very solemn process into nothing more than a political tool.

The good news is, this bar hasn't been raised forever.

So right now, I'm inclined to think the best tactic is to call for a censure of the President and an end to warrantless domestic spying. Censure would show that the Democratic party is above the idea of turning impeachment into exercise in partisan sniping. It would still act as an effective wedge for Republican Congressional candidates in the 2006 elections, who will be forced to choose between standing by their man in the face of controversy on one hand, and admitting that he skirted the law on the other.

Sounds good to me.


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