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Friday Night Blog Drama

There have been times when I've wondered whether I was doing the right thing by not hiding behind anonymity or pseudonymity on the Internet. Each time I've thought about it, though, I've ultimately decided that if someone were to get so offended by what I put on this blog that they would not want to hire me or allow me to keep a job that I have, then I wouldn't want to work there anyway. My politics are almost boringly mainstream Democratic. Someone who found that objectionable would likely be a serious wingnut, or, since it's no secret that I'm Jewish, an anti-Semite.

And after seeing the latest feminist blog-drama going on regarding threats of "outing" and anonymous blogging, I regret my decisions even less.

I have no beef with people who choose to not reveal their identities online. There are a lot of good reasons for blogging in anonymity. Ultimately, what matters more (at least to me) is the quality of your blogging. However, the trade-off is that anonymous bloggers with a higher degree of visibility -- like Zuzu -- can be subject to pressures that those of us who are less hidden don't have. I have the luxury of not having to deal with those pressures, and I'm glad.

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Jeeee-bus crikey.

And then they came for our pseudonyms.


um, maybe an edit is in order? Cause I am very certain that you are NOT anti-Semite ... "a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews". Quite the opposite, I would say.

Artistry, try reading the sentence again: the "anti-Semite" part refers to the "someone" at the beginning of the sentence, not "Fiat Lux".

Hope that helps.


Gotcha ... I now note the split descriptive.

Face it, we all have to make choices on the internet. It's a fact of life that some expect nothing more than the politically correct. If you have an opinion of any kind, or a principle or belief you uphold, you're going to offend someone, no matter how politely you express it. Some people just like to be offended. Personally, I find that offensive. I'd rather deal with people who stand for something rather than nothing or everything. There used to be standards; now there are just a bunch of really slippery characters and a loat of them seem to be running for political office. :D


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