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False Positives

A month or so ago, I posted a blog entry noting that I was having a problem with comments vanishing when I posted to Wordpress blogs. Thanks to the kind operator the Burbed blog, who listened to my complaints and took the time to do some testing, I finally have an answer to why my comments were vanishing into the aethir.

Apparently, my 'handle' of Fiat Lux is classed as 'definitely spam' by one of the common Wordpress spam filters (presumably Akismet).

That's moderately annoying, since I'm rather fond of that phrase.

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I can sympathize. My ISP assigns dynamic IP addresses. We get no warning when this will change ... theoretically it is monthly, but we sometimes go for long periods with no change. Well, they changed mine this month, and now Hotmail had blocked all mail coming from my IP address under their spam/objectional content policy. No help from the ISP and I can't get to anyone at Hotmail either. I am hoping for a new address in May. It's a real bummer when I can't even send e-mail to my son.

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