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Buh-Bye, Pensions, Thanks for Flying With Us

I've flown United Airlines quite a lot - as much as five times a year - for the past seven years. When it comes to providing the nonstop NYC - SFO flights that I want, at the times that I want, for a price I consider reasonable, they've consistantly met my requirements. Occasionally I've flown American or JetBlue, but they generally are less convenient and/or more expensive. United has been my airline of choice.

And now, United has dumped their employee pension plan as part of bankruptcy recovery plan. That's a six BILLION dollar committment to employees, dumped off onto an underfunded Federal bailout organization. So retired United employees are potentially screwed, and we the taxpayer get to pay the bill.

Well, United, you've gone from being my airline of choice to my airline of last resort. That's my response.


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