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Meet The Fosters!

Right after Scott and I came back from New York, we attended a training class at the SF SPCA in order to become kitten foster parents. I've missed working at the SPCA. Although I don't really have the time to commit to doing the on-site socialization and adoption counseling regularly right now, I still love working with kittens and want to help out where I can. Fostering seemed like a good solution.

And today we got the call. Could I come down and pick up two kittens who needed a foster home for the next two weeks or so? Of course we could. So until they grow to be 2 pounds in weight, we're fostering two little tabby girls: Pansy and Marcy. Here they are!

Pansy is an outgoing, high-energy kitty:

Marcy is shyer but very, very cute:

The other kitties are adapting well to the newcomers. Gimi in particular is fascinated with them. It's amazing that this time last year, he was about that size too.

They're kept in a cage both for their own safety and for the safety of our cats; the kittens are still quite young (approximately six weeks), fragile, and have not completed their vaccinations. Also, they could potentially be carrying illnesses that can pass to our cats. In fact, we should be keeping them in a room away from the other cats here but need to shovel out some space in the office before we can do that.

Rest assured that we are taking the girls out of the cage for playtime and cuddling quite regularly.

I'm sure I'll be posting more pictures over the next 2 weeks!


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Aw. I'm feeling some kitten lust here. Where are you located? Anywhere near northern VA? Need me some kittens. My youngest is now three - ready to be a big brother...

The Prairie Angel



Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
My kitty, Beezer, is now 5 and a half, and I adopted him from the SF SPCA. I know he was fostered for 2 weeks before he was put up for adoption at 8 weeks, when he came home with me. He is such a cuddle bug and all around great cat I know that he had wonderful foster experiance. He is such a joy and has added so much to my life.

I've wished that I could say thank you to the folks that took care of him, but could never find out who it was --- so thank you from me and the future people who will take these little cuties home.

fiat lux:

Wow, lhk, that is quite humbling. I appreciate it, and I'm sure the people who fostered your Beezer would too.


My old vet back in Brookings, OR used to say, somewhat deprecatingly, 'just a typical tabby.' To me, Tabby's are exactly what the Creator intended cats to be; all the rest are fine but Tabbys rule! And your two little ones look like the cream of the crop. No wonder The Prairie Angel is feeling kitten lust.

serial catowner:

OMG, is there anything finer than watching young cats meet older cats? If I could I'd do it every year, but alas, I still have a shred of sanity.....


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