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Compare and Contrast

Apparently President Bush gave a speech about his Iraq policy this morning. I slept through it. But here's some salient commentary from one of the visitors to TWN:

The Israelis have pretty much proven for 50+ years they won't take any crap and won't back down in the face of terrorism and aggression. Has their toughness immunized them from car bombers? Has their consistency in not bowing to terrorism made it go away? You have to push back against enemies such as these but it means more than making them die or flee at the barrel of a gun. How you deal with the causes of their violence is beyond my understanding but somebody gets paid a lot of money to think about how to do it and get it done. We could have 250,000 troops in Iraq for the next 25 years and every day of the week, 365 days of every goddamn year there would be attacks and killings inflicted on them. Given that reality WTF is "victory"? What is "winning"? I won't hold my breath waiting for the Right to define either term and how to get there, they don't know the answer.

And speaking of Israel,what's going on over there today?

Veteran statesman Shimon Peres announced on Wednesday he was throwing his support behind Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Israel's March election and ending his own political activity in the Labor Party.

Peres, 82, told a news conference he was making the move in the interests of Middle East peace.

Both Israel and America are caught in some difficult situations and need to make some real changes to get out of them. Notice something different about what's going on in Israel? They're actually shaking up the established order and trying to do things differently. Whether they will succeed is anybody's guess, but I honor the fact that they're trying to break out of the current stasis.

Frankly, I'm starting to think there'll be peace in Jerusalem before there'll be peace in Baghdad.

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Now it's victory. Before it was democracy. Before that it was something else. They're all lies. The only thing that's constant is death and destruction.

So what's Bush real reason? If Bush is sane it's the profit that he and his cronies can make from Iraqi oil, if Iraq is ever pacified, a very big if.

If Bush is not-so-sane, the reson is that he's trying to prove that he's better than his father.

Either way, we're the losers.

Paul Schumacher:

One of the most dangerous features of the Bush wack-jobs is that they believe their own lies--and other people do the suffering.


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